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Spaun - Question answering

Spaun performing question answering. The model is shown a string of digits. It is then shown either a 'P' or a 'K', followed by a digit. P indicates that it must report the item in the position indicated by the digit. K indicates it must report which position the given digit is in. The model shows primacy and recency effects on this task (regardless of question type), predicting that people would do the same (though this is as yet untested).


The fifth task is a question answering task. Spaun is shown a list of numbers, and is then asked a question about the list. There are K questions and P questions. Here, it is asked a P question, which means it must indicate what is in the position number provided (here it's asked what is in position 5). This task demonstrates that Spaun has flexible, rapid access to information that it encodes.