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Spaun - Raven's matrices

Spaun performing a task based on the Raven's Progressive Matrices. This is a task of fluid intelligence. Spaun must watch input that provides two examples of a pattern over numbers. It must then complete the third pattern over numbers. The patterns come in sets of three [ ] brackets, e.g. [A][B][C] is the first pattern.


Task 7 is analogous to a reasoning task found on the Raven's Progressive Matrix test of fluid intelligence. This test is one of the most common tests of IQ. As in the previous rapid variable creation task (task 6), Spaun must figure out the pattern over structured input given some examples. In this case, the examples are two sets of three number patterns (for instance, at the moment it is being shown 4, 44, 444). Spaun has to figure out the underlying pattern, and apply it to complete a new set given only the first two parts of the pattern. One important feature of this task is that no new components are introduced compared to other tasks it can do. This shows that Spaun can flexibly redeploy the cognitive resources it has to solve a wide variety of challenges.